Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Have you ever noticed how some days you seem and feel to be more productive than others. Some days I feel motivation is so lacking and others I have too much of it! How can this be... Somedays I detest those boring everyday things like laundry and checkbook balancing and wish I could play creator all day long, but alas I can't twitch my nose in order for it all to be done, so just try to make the best fo the daily grind. Like right now, I am at work, but would rather be home with my digital camera, laptop, and new items for listing and creating, or to simply even spend more time on promoting, which I don't do nearly enough of as it is. Oh well, at least I can work on my writing projects here during downtime... Grateful to be employed, only wishing I could employ myself! Someday maybe, the possibilities are so endless.

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  1. I completely empathize with this! I happen to be at work too, but would much rather be creating or taking photos of my creations :) I too share the dream of self-employment, but for now am grateful to be gainfully employed by a (very) large corporation, as my jewerly business doesn't even begin to pay the bills!

    -Jessica of SmuTopia Jewelry