Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holidays Are Approaching Fast

Well the holidays are fast approaching with Thanksgiving just over a week away. While the house is ready and cleaned and even organized, still need to do the grocery part amidst work life and a bunch of other commitments like holiday special orders :o) And of course trying to find time to promote my Etsy Shop, list in my Etsy Shop, and of course make more new items. I guess its a good thing we don't do much Christmas Shopping in our family just kids, we chose to end that holiday madness a few years back when my niece was only 5 and pointed out that christmas wasn't about the presents you got but about Jesus, this came out of a 5 year olds mouth as we had been wrapping presents in my didning room after a shopping trip. It was on that shopping trip my niece watched 2 grown women fight literally for a toy at a store. The things that come out of a childs mouth!
I am sitting here at work reflecting on the past year and all of the changes it has brought to my life, and even though things aren't "perfect" by any means, I would definitely say things and myself are in a much better place than last year. I have much to be thankful for, and of course I even have a christmas wish I am hoping for too!
I am going to make an attempt to post as much as possible during this holiday season. SO watch for the upcoming fun stuff, and of course now I need to get back to my regularly scheduled work day, amidst planning my holiday sales for the Etsy shop.
Til next time :o)