Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Over, Back to Monday

Well the weekend is over and it is now back to Monday. I had the weekend off which was great, I realize now how much I missed my weekends when I was working 2 jobs. I got off work on Friday and didn't leave the house until this morning. Thats not saying I was a lazy bum, I actually made some Valentine Cards for Moms shop(helping her out) and then worked on item descriptions and listings. So now Moms shop is at 120 items
My jewelry shop is at 85 with a sale on a sweet pair of heart earrings this weekend, and they had only been on Etsy for 5 minutes, that made my day :o)
And my work in progress supply shop is now up to 35 listings

So I feel like I made progress this weekend, and on the upside both Facebook Fanpages got some new followers as well.

You can find mine @
and Moms @

This was of course all topped off by the Vikings awesome victory over Dallas :o)
Looking forward to next weekends game in New Orleans.
More on football later...

Happy Monday!