Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why I like making things...

Someone asked me yesterday why I liked making things, which led me to think why do I like making things. Not just beading and jewlery, but actually creating something. I thought this would be a good topic worth writing about here, but I know that I can't possibly cover it all in a single posting.

My mother has always been a creative person and has made and tried her hand at making many different things. Some years back now she got me into beading, ar first it was just making some things for myself, that made me feel good about myself. I at the time was at a crossroads where my life had undergone some dramatic changes and I needed an outlet of sorts if you will... What happened instead was I developed a love for beads and beading, I found I could lose myself completely in a project or design. I felt like I had found therapy and peace in beading, and eventually this led to contentment in other areas and aspects of my life. There was just
something about the process from start to finish that I found soul soothing. I felt anxiety, stress, and worry just melt away. Of course what also developed was a passion for beads! And of course bead shopping! And I don't know many women who don't love shopping(a few guys too!).
What happened over time was that I (as well as my mother) had made so much more than we could ever wear, that we started selling it to family and friends, online and at shows/fairs
Now this little venture has grown, and I have grown as a person with it, it has in turn become a part of me. I have found my creative side, which has opened doors for me... Inlocked opportunities, taught me some lessons, and in a few ways has helped to make me who I am.

To be continued... I love this subject!!!

Til Next Time

~Catherine :o)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Where did the weekend go

Where did the weekend go? Here it is Monday again already. and I don't feel as if I accomplished a thing! Yesterday I had the best intentions of creating new things and had so many good ideas, but the washing machine and floor drain had other plans for me and my day, and of course the mess to go with it! The good news is the plumber will be here today and svc+ for the washer on Weds, so not so bad. Life of homeownership=unplanned work!
So maybe tonite I can finally sit down with the new items I bought at the bead show last month and finally make these ideas I have in my mind real!
Thanks for reading