Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Over, Back to Monday

Well the weekend is over and it is now back to Monday. I had the weekend off which was great, I realize now how much I missed my weekends when I was working 2 jobs. I got off work on Friday and didn't leave the house until this morning. Thats not saying I was a lazy bum, I actually made some Valentine Cards for Moms shop(helping her out) and then worked on item descriptions and listings. So now Moms shop is at 120 items
My jewelry shop is at 85 with a sale on a sweet pair of heart earrings this weekend, and they had only been on Etsy for 5 minutes, that made my day :o)
And my work in progress supply shop is now up to 35 listings

So I feel like I made progress this weekend, and on the upside both Facebook Fanpages got some new followers as well.

You can find mine @
and Moms @

This was of course all topped off by the Vikings awesome victory over Dallas :o)
Looking forward to next weekends game in New Orleans.
More on football later...

Happy Monday!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Foggy and 18 degrees

Well its another foggy morning here in the Twin Cities, Mn. At least its warmer than last week at this time :o) Though I still wish I was at home in my comfy pajamas and at my own computer rather than here at work. I have so many things to list in all 3 Etsy Shops-mine: Mixologie, and also Beads Blooms Beyond. I have also been helping Mom get caught up with her listings as well. I feel like I need a vacation just so I can play on Etsy for a straight week LOL. Tonight after work my plan is to list at least 5 things in each shop, I would love to try and make that a daily goal to at least list some things everyday, supplies for me is an endless category when it comes to crafting, as I am someone who starts things and I do finish them, but I also love to experiment with new crafts and hobbies and ideas. For sure my goal this year is to really put some hours in on the supply shop. Still trying to plan a new direction for the jewelry shop, and I think that will start with some photo retakes and rewrites of item descriptions, as there are older listings in there that I feel would benefit from a fresh new look. I think once past Valentines Day that will be my new focus.
Any of you Etsy shop owners have goals or new plans and ideas for the new year?
Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Life and such

So I am at work this morning, but so wishing I was at home. Feeling especially productive and creative today. Got some great ideas for some new projects.
Last night I made an Etsy Treasury, that features friends from TradeAHolics Team Members, and themed it around Valentines Day. I had the idea over a week ago, and went and nosed around everyones shops looking for items and had a list all ready and everything, so when I saw Treasury West was about to open I hurried, I have missed a few chances at getting one and have been so bummed because I was ready with my list. So enjoy everyone :o)
Have a Great Day!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year

So here it is now the 12th of January already. Time is just flying, the holidays have come and went and in many ways it has all been a blur.
I had high hopes for great holidays this year, and while Thanksgiving was pretty good. What ensued 2 days later has turned my world upside down.
I worked(past tense now) a PT job as a supervisor for a city ran liquor store. What happened that Saturday was sure not the way I planned for my evening to go. We were held up and our store was literally shot up at gunpoint. I don't care to elaborate beyond that, as I feel that says enough right there. My personal sense of security and safety has been shattered, and of course sleep has become rather challenging. In the midst of all this I decided that life is just too short, and realized how stressed and drained I was working 2 jobs, especially when I was no longer seeming to enjoy my crazy schedule anymore. So I made the decision to leave job #2, and focus on job #1, and on my Etsy Shops. This means now I have to work even harder to make them a success. I had a turning point year on Etsy last year and hope for a great year this year, and I credit that to my friends the lovely and charming and oh-so-fun Etsy TradeAHolics. I stumbled into this bunch one day in the Etsy forums last summer, and have not regretted it for a minute. I have found many new friends there from all over the world. They are an amazing, supportive, very creative, and often times hilarious bunch. So to all my Etsy Trader friends, Thank You, from the bottom of my heart for being my friend and letting me share in the comraderie that exists within our team.
Yesterday a few of us chatted about goals (you know who you are), my goal, at least to update this blog on a weekly if not daily basis!!!
Have a great day :o)
* Remember life is short, always tell your family and friends how much they mean to you, tomorrow is never promised*

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holidays Are Approaching Fast

Well the holidays are fast approaching with Thanksgiving just over a week away. While the house is ready and cleaned and even organized, still need to do the grocery part amidst work life and a bunch of other commitments like holiday special orders :o) And of course trying to find time to promote my Etsy Shop, list in my Etsy Shop, and of course make more new items. I guess its a good thing we don't do much Christmas Shopping in our family just kids, we chose to end that holiday madness a few years back when my niece was only 5 and pointed out that christmas wasn't about the presents you got but about Jesus, this came out of a 5 year olds mouth as we had been wrapping presents in my didning room after a shopping trip. It was on that shopping trip my niece watched 2 grown women fight literally for a toy at a store. The things that come out of a childs mouth!
I am sitting here at work reflecting on the past year and all of the changes it has brought to my life, and even though things aren't "perfect" by any means, I would definitely say things and myself are in a much better place than last year. I have much to be thankful for, and of course I even have a christmas wish I am hoping for too!
I am going to make an attempt to post as much as possible during this holiday season. SO watch for the upcoming fun stuff, and of course now I need to get back to my regularly scheduled work day, amidst planning my holiday sales for the Etsy shop.
Til next time :o)

Friday, October 23, 2009

A whole month

Wow, a whole month went by and I haven't done one blog post?! Oops. What started out as a great plan to keep updated has fallen apart on me. Tell me fellow bloggers how do you do it?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2 Days in a Row!! More undiscoverd on Etsy!

Wow, I impress even myself, 2 days in a row, and 2 updates! Maybe this will become a daily occurence, sure would love to gain more followers on here, any ideas on how to go about that?

So I perused Etsy all morning here at work, and still continue to be impressed by the talent in our midst, so here is my pick of the day!
Willa Mae's Marvelous Miniatures @
What wonderfully neat things!! Go check out this shop, peruse this listings and show some love!

Take Care :o)