Thursday, January 14, 2010

Foggy and 18 degrees

Well its another foggy morning here in the Twin Cities, Mn. At least its warmer than last week at this time :o) Though I still wish I was at home in my comfy pajamas and at my own computer rather than here at work. I have so many things to list in all 3 Etsy Shops-mine: Mixologie, and also Beads Blooms Beyond. I have also been helping Mom get caught up with her listings as well. I feel like I need a vacation just so I can play on Etsy for a straight week LOL. Tonight after work my plan is to list at least 5 things in each shop, I would love to try and make that a daily goal to at least list some things everyday, supplies for me is an endless category when it comes to crafting, as I am someone who starts things and I do finish them, but I also love to experiment with new crafts and hobbies and ideas. For sure my goal this year is to really put some hours in on the supply shop. Still trying to plan a new direction for the jewelry shop, and I think that will start with some photo retakes and rewrites of item descriptions, as there are older listings in there that I feel would benefit from a fresh new look. I think once past Valentines Day that will be my new focus.
Any of you Etsy shop owners have goals or new plans and ideas for the new year?
Have a great day!

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