Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I am currently trying to play catch up, both on new designs and creating as well as listing. My mother has had a few health issues so I lost some of my creativity time for a bit.
Amazing how much you miss it when you don't have time for it isn't it. I am kicking around a few different promo ideas for upcoming sales and such, if you have any good ones feel free to shoot me a message, your thoughts are always appreciated.
I have also been fooling around with a couple of new projects, one is a design for notecards that I have been doodling and tweaking for awhile, I hope to have that to my Aunt who does printing very soon.
The other is writing, which I have always loved to do. I have a couple good stories I am working on, but what a daunting project, I am not sure if these will ever pan out into something more or not... Only time will tell.
Iwould love to hear from you, thoughts, ideas, etc....

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