Monday, September 21, 2009

Starting Somewhere

I was looking on Etsy this morning, at both of my shops, my Mom's shop, my friend's shops, and my favorites. And I realized something, we are all at different stages of development on Etsy, some have a following and a niche, some haven't quite gotten there yet, and some of us are kind of on the way. But at the root of all that is "everyone/everything has to start somewhere", I realized right after that, that statement is so true of many things in life.
I have found that the well on their way shops on Etsy draw much more attention, than those with less feedback and sales #'s. Many people blog and tweet and facebook promote about Etsy Best, or Top 10. I have decided I am going to promote undiscovered and little known shops on Etsy that have truly great items. I will blog, tweet, heart, and promote on FB until my hearts content. Going into the holiday season, I think this will be fun.

One such shop I have in mind is Stems of Stone

Please go check out her beautiful art!!

:o) Catherine

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