Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Monday(or not?!)

Monday, where did the weekend go? Better yet where did summer weather in MN go? I must say it has been nice to have windows open and AC off, I don't mind at all.
I started working on a project last night with pale purple pearls and swarovski crystals, I have yet to finish it as I realized I don't have enough of what I need to finish, bummer! Oh well, I guess that means its time to shop for something to complete it. Maybe after work :o) I need to work on listings again too, as well as various projects regarding, my blog, Facebook Fan Page and all that fun sort of stuff, hope I can fine the time tonight. I was very productive yesterday in getting other stuff done around home, so I hope that I can stay focused on that. I was supposed to be at Hamel Flea Market on Sunday morning, but that did not work as planned as my helper had something come up. So hopefully next Sunday. In the end it actually worked out better for me and my schedule anyways. Back to my regular programmed workday. Counting the minutes until I can leave the confines of this office and enjoy the nice day!

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