Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another week...

Here we are Thursday already and another week of summer almost gone! It seems like my days just bet busier and I have less and less free time, some days I hardly slow down and feel like I am stuck on auto-pilot! I took my handmade jewelry out to the flea market on Sunday but found a different buying market than what I am used to, took my best friend Jess along for the trip so I would have some help and not be out there alone all day. What a early morning, I picked her up at ten to 5 in the morning and we were there by 5:20 or so, and got a good spot, watched everyone else set up and it soon looked like a small city, watched the sun come up, got a tiny bit of color to the skin, got some exercise walked around and looked at what all the sellers had, and done by noon and off to DQ for some lunch and then the half hour ride back. Unloaded the truck and it all sat in the living room until last night, now its been relocatoed to my bedroom/office/workspace where I can deal with it later. Now that that is over I can begin listing many of the new designs and items that my mother and I have made over the past month or so. So keep an eye on my Etsy shop for new things. I am also planning to pick thru my horde of beads and other art and craft supplies so that they can be listed as well, there is just so much stuff, and some of it that we don't even need or will have a use for. Hopefully I will get that done before the next TnS. Other than that not much new, Mom is still recuperating and hopefully will be off the vac pump in 2-3 weeks. Dog shows coming up at Lake Elmo, kind of excited for that even though I don't have a dog entered still will be fun to go. And the best part will be my vacation over Labor Day Week, when I hope to have some "me time" and be able to relax and go do what I want, maybe get away for a couple days with friends or something like that. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

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